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Plumbing Wayne New Jersey
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Plumbing Wayne NJ

Only do business with licensed plumbing contractors...

Those looking for plumbing in Wayne NJ need to be aware of the benefits that come from hiring licensed plumbing contractors.

  • Knowledge- Licensed plumbing contractors have to undergo rigorous training and testing in order to become certified in their field. This testing and training ensures that the contractors will have the know-how necessary to fix your plumbing issues with ease. Without this training, unlicensed plumbers could come into your home and improperly fix your plumbing systems and complete them in a way that is at least not "up to code."
  • Liability- Plumbers who are licensed are also required to be bonded and insured. This means that if something happens on the job (like say they make a mistake that ends up flooding your basement), they're insurance will cover the costs associated with that mistake. Hire a plumber who doesn't have this insurance, and you could very well be left with the bill for taking care of their mistakes.
  • Honesty- Companies who go through the process of becoming licensed, bonded, and insured, are taking the proper steps to show their customers that they are honest plumbing contractors who play by the rules. It is much more expensive for these companies to play by the rules and run their companies legally, but it is worth it to the legitimate companies who want to express their honesty by properly laying the groundwork for the business.

Flex Plumbing & Heating, LLC is one of the companies that has the knowledge to complete your plumbing projects properly, the licensing to ensure that you aren't liable for their mistakes, and the character to always be honest in their dealings. Our license number is #36BI00951100 and we will be happy to show you our credentials in person upon request.

Serving Passaic County as well as Wayne NJ, Clifton NJ, Montville NJ, and Fairfield NJ.

Plumbing Wayne NJ
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