Your Plumbing Should Be Your Good Friend–Get a Good Plumber

construction-273291_640All those pipes running through your walls and under your home, may seem rather mysterious and complicated to you, but at Flex Plumbing this complicated network feels like an old friend. Admittedly, the friend is not always perfect and sometimes muddles our life, but an old friend nevertheless. Where would we be without plumbing?

One thing no one wants in this old friend is a leak. If you notice a bulging wall, your old friend needs some TLC.

If a pipe leaks, water drips and damages wood and drywall. This means your friend needs a massive intervention. A professional intervention.

There are some basic drain cleaning and upgrades you plumbing will need—then there is the more intrusive plumbing work which needs to be done.

We want to explain the difference between a basic drain cleaning of your friend and plumbing work. Your house will require both of these services over the years as pipes age.

Plumbing work requires an inspection and replacement in most cases. For example, a pipe exposed to freezing temperatures can crack from expansion and shrinkage. A plumber needs to assess the crack and decide on a replacement plan. A few of many feet of piping may require replacement.

Interior pipes, such as the visible ones under bathroom sinks, are simpler to diagnose and replace. Your new pipes should last several decades, depending on your maintenance schedule.

On occasion a pipe will crack or break under the home’s foundation or front yard. This can mean an incredibly intrusive fix without trenchless technology. With the trenchless method, a new pipe is snaked through the broken pipe. The new pipe creates a liner.

Sometimes the trenchless strategies actually bursts the old pipe as the new one is snaked into the same position. There’s no damaging trenching or landscape damage with these projects.

If you have any plumbing problems with your old friend, whether inside your home our outside, call Flex Plumbing. We want to get the two of you back on speaking terms.

No matter what kind of plumbing problems you may have, call Flex Plumbing at 1-888-255-7579.

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