Will You Be Needing a New Hot Water Heater This Winter?

Don't get caught with no hot water for showers.

Don’t get caught with no hot water for showers.

The weather hasn’t gotten too cold yet, but if you’ve lived in New Jersey for any length of time, you know there will come a day when all you’ll want is to get out of the cold, blustery weather and have a hot shower.

If your hot water heater is acting up, now is the perfect time to replace this appliance with an energy-efficient model that meets your family’s need for hot water. Advancements in technology have created an extensive array of options, including both tankless and traditional styles. The type that you choose depends partly on personal preference as well as on the space you have available for the installation of your hot water heater.

For many homes tankless hot water heaters are the way to go.

Due to the fact that there is not storage tank, tankless hot water heaters are streamline. This style fits almost anywhere, making it a more than suitable choice for even the smallest of homes. Despite its smaller size, if installed correctly, these units can provide an exceptional services and plenty of heated water.

Tankless hot water heaters do not keep a constant supply of water heated. This means you will be saving electricity which, of course, translates into saving money through less expensive utility bills. This could amount to a reasonable sum over the course of a full year.

Tankless heaters deliver hot water near instantly, which means that you won’t waste a full 30-second supply of water as you wait for it to arrive at your destination. In general, this style of hot water heater is much more energy efficient than a traditional storage tank.

Since the tankless hot water heater features a streamlined appearance that simply requires hooking it up to existing fittings, it is much easier for a licensed, New Jersey plumber to install. It also takes less time to do so.

Unfortunately, tankless hot water heaters often cost more than traditional storage models. If your budget is limited, you might want to reconsider your decision to install a tankless style.

Another downside for some situations is a slight decrease in the temperature of the hot water that you receive if you are trying to run multiple appliances. For example, if your washing machine was going while the dishes were being washed and someone was taking a shower, there may be a decrease in temperature.  This problem is easily addressed by choosing a tankless style that offers the highest rating.

For other homes traditional hot water heaters are the best option.

If you like to have instant, on-demand hot water, a traditional style of hot water heater might be what you will want to have Flex Plumbing install. These traditional tanks keep the water hot at all times. This means you have access to hot water instantly. Some New Jersey homeowners will tell us they don’t get instant hot water. This is probably an indication that your pipes have not been insulated properly. With improper insulations you could be waiting 30 seconds or possibly even more.

If you have a large family you might want a tank which holds up to 50 gallons of water. It is possible to purchase this style of hot water heater in a capacity up to 100 gallons if that is what you need. We’ve installed these sizes in various bed and breakfast businesses.

Traditional styles featuring water storage take up space. The higher the number of gallons that your tank can hold, the larger the tank is. If your home is relatively small and the available space for the installation of your hot water tank is limited, you might not be able to get the size that you need to fulfill your household’s expectations of hot water.

Call Flex Plumbing if you have any questions about what type of water heater you may need. We are also available to answer questions or consult on any of you plumbing needs.

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