Professional as Sometimes Cheaper than DIY Projects

tap-943297_640New faucets cost money and so does hiring a plumber. At Flex Plumbing we give you honest service for an honest price. Though our services have a cost, there is one guarantee we can always make; we cost less than ignoring your plumbing problems.

Maybe the faucet in the kitchen has been dripping for a while, or the showerhead has a slow leak. You may not want to spend the money to fix them.

granite-335746_640That said, you might want to consider these facts before putting off repairs:

  • A slowly dripping faucet can generate up to 7-10 gallons in one 24 hour period
  • This slow leak adds up to 3,600 gallons of water in a single year.
  • This can add at least $20 to your water bill. More if the leak is from the hot water.

If a faucet leak is more significant, hundreds of gallons of water can be wasted, resulting in an unnecessary expense for the homeowner.

When you call Flex Plumbing, we can easily locate the source of the leak, repair the problem, and save more money overall.

Even if you are unconcerned about the extra money, we also should be concerned about the effect on the environment caused by gallons of wasted water.

If every American household had one leaky faucet, dripping at only one drop per minute, the country would be wasting 928,000,000 gallons of water every single day. Water is a finite resource, and there are so many people without fresh water.  This makes it so important to preserve water.

For yourself and for the environment, contact Flex Plumbing if you have a leaky faucet.

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