Have Flex Plumbing Check Your Sump Pump Before the Flood

old farmersThe Old Farmer’s Alamanc predicts that this coming October will have an above average amount of precipitation. The rain means that mud will be tracked into your home, but mud isn’t the worst problem. What you really don’t want to see, is a flooded basement.

rain-122691_640If you do not have a full perimeter drainage system in your New Jersey home, you should consider an emergency sump pump installation by Flex Plumbing. If you are in Woodland Park, Pompton Lakes, Montclair, Cedar Grove or North Caldwell New Jersey, you know that some storms result in power outages.

As a plumbing company that services the above areas as well as areas around Totowa, Little Falls, Lincoln Park, Nutley, Verona, West Caldwell and Kennelon, we know the problems that can occur if you lose power or if your main pump fails. Having an emergency backup sump pump can definitely be worth the costs and the peace of mind it will bring.

The primary sump pump in your home is powered by electricity. During normal conditions that pump will be working to rid the sump from any excess water. Occasionally, there will be situations where there isn’t enough power and a cheap model cannot keep up with the volume of water that can come  flooding into the basement during a storm.

Besides a power outage, your sump pump can fail due to age. If you have ever had this experience, you will know it can be disastrous. A failed pump can destroy any finished basement, especially if there are carpeted floors, area rugs, or hardwood. If there is storage in your basement, you don’t want this destroyed by a failed pump.

If there is not a lid on the sump pump, dirt and other debris can collect and cause the system to fail.

If you would like to install an emergency sump pump in your New Jersey home or if you want a professional evaluation of the pump you already have, call Flex Plumbing. We have the experienced technicians you need.

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