Gas Leaks Are An Emergency – Call Flex Plumbing

Gas leaks can cause an explosion.

Gas leaks can cause an explosion.

Gas leaks are an emergency and if you suspect one in your home you should contact help immediately Leaks such as these are very dangerous and can be deadly if gone undetected.

If the smell of sulfur is detected inside the home, it is important to evacuate immediately and call emergency services. The gas supply to a home must then be shut off and the home must be aired out before occupants return. No one should return to the home until the source of the leak has been both identified and repaired.

It is also vital to remember that fire and a gas leak do not mix. A simple flick of a lighter or strike of a match can cause an explosion, sending a home up in flames. Beloved family pets are also not immune to the dangers of a gas leak. Homeowners may be outside the home while pets are left indoors and can possibly fall victim to dangerous gases. These are all important factors to consider when deciding to enlist the help of a plumbing professional.

At Flex Plumbing we have trained technicians that can locate the gas leak.  Sometimes the testing may require dismantling gas lines.

You may also want to consider, having a skilled plumber perform a preventative diagnostic test on a home once or twice a year, thus stopping a dangerous gas leak in its tracks before irreversible damage can be done.

You can also call us for Oil to Gas Conversions.

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