Fun Games for Plumbers

We’re plumbers. We’ve heard all the plumbers’ jokes. Hey, you try to keep your pants up while wearing a heavy belt with all the supplies. At Flex Plumbing we try to have a sense of humor about everything. That’s why we find the following apps rather amusing. We’re not quite sure where the motivation came to create apps about plumbers, but, hey, plumbing’s important so why not some stress-relieving, fun apps?

Here are a few:

Plumber Crack

Offered by Fluik, the Plumber Crack app lets you toss virtual items in the direction of a crouching plumber’s backside. Toss anything from coins to ice cubes and see if you can hit your target. The better your aim, the more points you earn.


Pogo Plumber

Available from Apptly, the Pogo Plumber app is a fun arcade game featuring a jolly jumping plumber. Leap from rooftop to rooftop, earn points for your skills, and attempt to be the best plumber you can be while earning virtual treats like light sabres and wizard hats.


Plumber Game HD

Offered by Junjingtong, the Plumber Game HD is a fun application if you enjoy puzzles. This nifty download lets you turn pipes in a variety of directions in order to form a complete plumbing system.


Plumber’s Nightmare Lite

Available from Invasive Bamboo, the Plumber’s Nightmare Lite app offers a more mature version of Plumber Game HD. Instead of a juvenile-themed interface, this app’s interface is dark and dingy. Attempt to connect multiple pipes together in order to progress to the next level of plumbing difficulty.


Run, Plumber! Run!

Available from Stepan Severov, the Run, Plumber! Run! App lets you assist a virtual plumber in running and jumping from pipe to pipe without falling into the water below the pipes. Help your plumbing professional successfully complete a maze of pipes while enjoying fun background music and sounds. You can share your achievements on social media, showing off your plumbing prowess to your friends and associates.


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