Flex Plumbing Can Keep Your Drains Clean Year Round


With halloween approaching, it seems like a great time to recommend that you never dispose of pumpkin seeds or pulp by running them through the garbage disposal. This unique and slimy gunk is incredibly ideal for clogging sink drains. Besides being stringy and sticky, it also dries hard, which can choke-off drainpipes and garbage disposals.

Also (as strange as it sounds), please do not dispose of pumpkin seeds or pumpkin pulp in the toilet.  This can create a mess that you probably do not want to deal with after a fun night of carving pumpkins with your family.

To prevent Halloween drain disasters, you can always carve your pumpkins on a bed of newspaper. This way, the mess can be easily wrapped up, and put in the garbage or compost pile.

The seeds can be separated and roasted for a tasty treat for the whole family.

Whatever, you decided, if you have any plumbing problems, call Flex Plumbing  888-255-7579.

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